Gannon + Associates



The landscape design for the proposed development aims to harmonize with the surrounding environment by utilizing indigenous materials and plantings. It seeks to seamlessly integrate the built structures into the landscape, creating a mature and lush atmosphere through rich communal open spaces. These spaces, intertwined with the natural topography, connect the blocks via a main pedestrian route known as the Green Ribbon, fostering interactions and offering a distinct sense of place through various activities. Inspired by Clachan settlement patterns, the distribution of built forms mirrors a sustainable, local community centered around a primary landscaped core. This approach achieves an inspiring environment by tying together a clear and deliberate concept, exemplified by “The Green Ribbon.” The result is an environment that bears a unique identity, a high-quality aesthetic, and a responsive integration with both local and broader landscape contexts.

  • PROJECT ARCHITECT : Desiun Architects
  • LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland
  • YEAR:  2021