Gannon + Associates



The “The Loop” concept aims to foster interaction, movement, and experiences through a continuous pathway that circles back to its starting point. The primary communal open space features a central loop that encourages resident engagement, guiding them through various zones including an herb garden, scented pergola, recreational area, orchard, and mixed-use gravel space. This loop design not only facilitates movement but also provides an aerial visual appeal and integrates features like seating areas and public information displays. Additionally, a wellness loop encircles the main structure, catering to longer walks and connections to the urban landscape. The concept centers on an engaging path that connects and guides residents through diverse areas, offering attractions like an elevated herb garden, fragrant pergola, recreational space, and an orchard. Meanwhile, the wellness loop provides opportunities for extended walks. Integrating both functionality and aesthetic charm, the design incorporates seating spots, public displays, and connections to the surrounding environment, creating a dynamic communal space for residents.

  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: PAC Studio Architecture + Environments
  • LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland
  • YEAR:  2021