Gannon + Associates



Nestled in the heart of Dublin 15, Hansfield Park is about to undergo a remarkable transformation. The park’s renovation is on the horizon, promising a rejuvenated space for the entire community to enjoy. This overhaul includes a meticulous regrading process, ensuring proper drainage and an enhanced layout. Amidst the lush backdrop, modern play and sports equipment will find their place, catering to both children and sports enthusiasts. What’s more, the park’s strategic location adjacent to existing private residential developments and in close proximity to the Hansfield Train Station means that the surrounding community will seamlessly integrate with the park’s renewed spirit. As an added bonus, nearby apartment developments will also benefit from this transformation, fostering a sense of unity and shared experience. Stay tuned for the unfolding of Hansfield Park’s vibrant new chapter, where recreation, relaxation, and community converge.

  • PROJECT ARCHITECT : Delphi Design/Davey+Smith
  • LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland
  • YEAR:  2021